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FAQs for VTCT courses


Who will be my teacher for the Thai Massage Level 3 course?​

Dinah Pickering or Tina Herridge will be your tutor. Dinah is highly qualified as a lecturer and has over 20 years industry experience of which six years were spent in Asia working with Thai people. Her experience, passion and respect for Thai culture and therapies will be passed on to you. Dinah was part of the VTCT Technical Expert Group commissioned to develop unit content for the VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Thai Massage (QCF).  Tina Herridge has spent over 13 years as a therapist and teacher in the spa industry and is SenSpa's Training Manager. Tina undertook Thai massage training in Thailand in the UK.

I do not have a Level 3 qualification in Anatomy, Physiology & Body Massage. Can I attend the Level 3 Thai Massage course?

In order to do this course you must have this accreditation. The course covers the practical aspects of Thai massage at Level 3 and we expect you to have done anatomy, physiology and massage previously as the course focuses primarily on Thai massage and these components will not be covered during the course.

I have not done a VTCT course in the last three years. Can I attend the Level 3 Thai Massage course?

Within the last 3 years VTCT courses have included modified units on Heath & Safety, Client Care and Communications . These units are necessary in order to award the certification. You will be required to complete these units at home prior to the course if you have not already done so. We will ask you to bring your completed coursework with you on the first day. Please let us know if you require these units.

Is this qualification recognised internationally?

VTCT is recognised in most countries though we advise that you check with specific country requirements. VTCT qualifications are recognised through the Lisbon Recognition Treaty. VTCT offers a comprehensive suite of qualifications on the English Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF). They are recognised internationally through the Lisbon Treaty and are aligned to the EQF.

I have a Level 3 A&P and Body massage from another awarding body. Do I qualify to attend this course?

Yes, but you will be required to complete the Health & Safety, Client Care and Communications units for home study, prior to the course. This must be completed before the start of the course.

Will this course account for recognised CPD?

Yes, as this is development of new skills.

Will I be qualified to give treatments after the three day course?

Yes, provided you submit your completed portfolio and case studies and demonstrate competancy in giving a Thai massage during an assessment day.

How many tutor contact hours and how many home study hours will there be?

You will spend 3 days focusing on Thai massage practice. You will then work from home on your case studies and portfolio. The number of hours spent on this is highly indiviudal. Please discuss this with your tutor.

How will this benefit me?

SenSpa Academy is the training arm of the award winning Thai spa, SenSpa. You will have use of the spa facilities during your course and have access to teachers and therapists who have mastered their craft. We employ the highest industry standards that your clients will expect of you.  Your tutor is a highly trained industry expert, with experience of living and working in Thailand and a passion for Thai massage.  We ensure that what you are taught is effective and safe. Thai massage underpins so many of the new fusion massages given in spas around the world; with Thai massage techniques as your underpinning you will be able to significantly expand your repetoire.

How many case studies do I need to do?

You will need to do 10 case studies with 5 clients having two treatments each.

How long a does a typical Thai massage last?

1 ½ hours, though it can be done in 1 hour.  We recommend a full 1 ½ hours or 2 hours.

How physcially fit do I need to be to perform a Thai massage?

There are so many different Thai techniques, adaptions and movements that you will be able to choose those that work best for you and your client

Will I meet Thai people during the course?

Yes, you will meet some of our wonderful Thai therapists during your course. Periodically throughout the course they will share their experience with you.

What will I wear during the course?

The course is very relaxed. You need to be in comfortable leggings or track suit bottoms that allow you to move freely. All equipment will be provided.

What should I bring?

Very little. After you register for the course we will send you instructions on what you need to bring. All course materials and equipment are provided.

I have a food allergy. Will I be able to eat Thai food?

It depends on the specific allergy but rest assured we can cater for you no matter what your allergy.  Just let us know if you have any special dieatary requirements.

Do I have an option of staying at Careys Manor if I require accommodation?

Yes you do, subject to availability. Room rates can be found here. You can also find other accommodation possibilities here

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